For senders is a user friendly website helping to bring together people who need something to be delivered with those who can deliver it.

Every one of us sometimes need to carry things , there are situations when your vehicle is to small or it's to expensive to carry things. Also you may need a hep with loading or unloading. There are solutions:

  • Should you transport it yourself?                                                                       starptautiski parvadājumi
  • Should you waste your time and nerves, looking for a suitable transport?
  • Should you look for someone who can help you load or unload it?

Or you can visit Fill in all fields and the carriers will get in touch with you…


How does WrumWrum work?

  1. Sender logs on;
  2. Clicks on the section “Submit an ad” and fill in the required fields;
  3. Publishes an add and the Carriers will submit their price quotes;
  4. All you need to do is choose the most suitable Carrier according to the price or other people’s rating and the carrier will get in touch with you;
  5. Simple, hassle free and wasting no time and nerves.


 As a registered member of the portal you will have an opportunity to:

  • save your time, submitting your ads in an easy and user friendly way;
  • save and monitor the consignment history;
  • if the collection and delivery address of a consignment is the same, you can duplicate it easily, filling no new forms.