For carriers

There are lot of people who need to move various things. Most people don't use transport companies because they think their services are expensive. The purpose of the is to help senders to understand that the carriage can be cheaper. We also help to increase the cost-efficiency of transport companies, filling up routes with more clients.

According to the statistics, more than 25% of delivery vans are sent on their routes empty and more than 50% leave half-empty. provides you with:                                                                    starptautiski kravu pārvadājumi

  • new customers;
  • additional consignments;
  • a possibility to fill up a half-empty trip.

 As a registered member of the portal you will have an opportunity to:

  • view and mark the ads of your interest;
  • mark your favourite ads;
  • see your rates;
  • see the archive of the ads won;
  • receive and review your consignment rating.

 How does it work?

  1. Register on the portal as a Carrier, providing all information required;
  2. Select the consignments of your interest;
  3. Specify your price;
  4. When a Sender chooses you, you will see an invitation in your profile to pay a fee and receive the Sender’s contact details;
  5. Upon the delivery of a consignment, the Sender will perform an assessment on which your rating is based.