Terms of Use

Wrumwrum.com (hereinafter referred to as the Portal) is an online marketplace that lets people to post delivery advertisements and allows carriers to offer price quotes for their delivery services.

The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) are binding for all those who use the Portal, regardless of whether the person is a registered user of the Portal or not.

  1. The Portal is maintained and administered by SIA DB5, reg. No. 43603030182, hereinafter referred to as the Provider.

  2. A user – a private person or a legal person that posts delivery advertisements on the Portal.

  3. Before the use of the Portal, a user is obliged to get acquainted with the Terms, and to comply with them. The Provider has the right at any time to amend and supplement the Terms. Such changes shall be effective upon publication on the Portal. 

  4. If the user uses the Portal or carries out any activity on the Portal, it is considered that the relevant user has got acquainted with the Terms existing at the moment of using and adheres to them. Each Portal user is responsible for reading over the Terms regularly to be timely informed of amendments made there. If the user does not agree to the Terms, then the user is prohibited to use the Portal. 

  5. To become a registered user of the Portal, a person must comply with the registration procedures of the Portal.

  6. Each registered portal user has to take into account that the user data specified in a profile must be true. Each registered user of the Portal may have only one user profile.

  7. Each registered Portal user is obliged not to disclose his Portal access data. 

  8. The Portal administration has the right, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, delete registered user profiles and / or information contained therein, as well as to limit or deny the access to the Portal, temporarily or indefinitely (including from certain IP addresses), without explaining the reasons. 

  9. Delivery advertisement service is intended for the use of loyal users who submit advertisements for publishing on the Internet. 

  10. By posting a delivery advertisement on the Portal, the user agrees to the Terms of the portal.

The contents of advertisements: 

    11. On the Portal, it is forbidden to post a delivery advertisement that contains the following information (including photos) or carry out the following actions:

  • contains incorrect or false information about the consignment;

  • infringes or violates the third parties` intellectual property (copyrights, etc.) rights;

  • infringes personal dignity and respect;

  • incite violence, racial hatred, or other illegal activities;

  • is vulgar, libellous, or otherwise offensive;

  •  contains software viruses or designed to harm the computer or electronic communications software operation (security);

  • is junk mail, spam, chain letter, etc. or an uncoordinated advertising;

  • is of pornographic or excessively erotic nature;

  • is information of any other kind that affects or could affect the operation and safety of the Portal;

  • contains information about or advertises psychotropic substances and equivalent psychotropic substances and plants;

  • advertises financial services, which are not licensed according to the procedure of laws and regulations for providing financial services in the Republic of Latvia;

  • advertises or promotes illegal race, income pyramid schemes, chain letters, and methods based on vendor recruitment;

  • violates laws and regulations.

     12. A Portal user is obliged to do everything necessary to ensure the protection of legal interests of the Provider against all third parties’ claims or complaints that have been brought or could be brought against the Provider and which are in any way connected with the Portal.

     13. A Portal user agrees to receive information from the Provider for events of different type related to the Portal.

     14. All disputes between the Provider and Portal users shall be resolved through negotiations. If the solution of disputes cannot be achieved, then they shall be settled in a court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the Terms and laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

     15. All of the portal users' personal data and personal identification codes are protected under laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. The processing of the data is carried out in accordance to the general principles of personal data processing specified in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

     16. When registering on the Portal and / or using the Portal, the user confirms that it is aware and agrees that the Provider has the right to transfer the user's personal data in the following cases:

  • to law enforcement agencies, if the Provider receives a request according to the procedure specified in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia;

  • to law enforcement agencies, if the Provider determines that the relevant user's action violates these Terms and / or laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as a result of what interests of the Provider, the Portal users or other persons are or may be affected.